Welcome Authors

Thank you for volunteering to write a chapter for the next edition of the CDEMcurriculum.org website. The first edition has been well received by students and educators. In April 2014 alone, the site has been accessed in 88 countries, all 50 US states, with about 6,000 hits. Our site is held up as a paragon of med student content.

With the second iteration of the website, we will be incorporating a great deal of new information. The current topics will be made more robust. We are incorporating the Pediatric EM and M3 EM curricula. Additionally, we will add more videos, embed assessments (for students to test their comprehension), illustrations, clinical examples, and anything else we can figure out how to do.

We will be using this site to communicate with authors as well as to build the site, so we can all see it as its constructed. Templates and author instructions are found in the Instructions menu above. We suspect these will evolve as we discover what works best.

This site is based on the WordPress platform using a Responsive theme (for those who know about this stuff). If you have particular expertise with WordPress or have a theme suggestion, etc, please share! Feel free to ask questions, provide suggestions, etc. Again we wanted to thank you for your willingness to help improve our already wonderful, national EM curriculum.


The CDEMCurriculum.org Editorial Board
– Kim Askew
– Keme Carter
– Rahul Patwari
– Stacey Poznanski
– Matthew Tews