General Instructions

On this page we’ll cover the basics of creating your module. Please check back often as the information here will grow with time.

Submission format

outlines_squish_on_mobile You can submit the document in Microsoft Word format or plain text. Include any multimedia separately (it is sometimes difficult but not impossible to remove media from Word). If there are other elements you want, let us know. If we can figure out how to do it, we will.

Please do not use an outline format. This becomes difficult to read on small screens. Many of our readers are accessing the site while working a shift (or internationally where their main mode of access is mobile). Outlines quickly become squished on the right side of the screen and unusable.

Avoid Copyright issues with Pictures

We need to be mindful of copyright issues. Grabbing pictures from quick web search often yields copyrighted images. Also do not grab tables or images from articles or textbooks without the author’s permission. Instead find images in the public domain (try, from your own library or ask other CDEM members for examples. Rahul can help you safely strip personal health information from your images. We can even construct certain images with digital image manipulation, if needed.

If you find an image you will be using, please provide the attribution (even if it’s your own). We want to be sure to give credit where credit is due.


If you have a particular video you wish to include, we’ll be uploading them to a CDEM YouTube account so that YouTube can do the heavy lifting of streaming.


We’ve created a simple template you can use for your submissions. Not all topics will be able to fit into this template, so for other topics, look at what’s up on the site and try to copy what’s there. We’re aiming for consistency.


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