EM Stud Podcast – Personal Statements


As I walked through the ED, the sight of an elderly woman clutching her chest suddenly gripped me with the insatiable need to cure all of mankind from heart disease once and for all…

No, that’s not it.

It was 4 am, and I was asleep in the call room with an endotracheal tube tucked beneath my pillow, ready to be inserted between the cords of hope and despair…

Hmm… that’s not quite right either.

Are you still stuck writing your personal statement? Not sure if it’s the right length, has the right content, or conveys the right overall message? Tune in to our latest episode on how to right write a solid personal statement.

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‘Residency Navigator’: Words of Caution

Doximity_SurveyYou may have seen or heard about the ‘residency navigator’ tool that Doximity put together. You might feel assured that the tool carries the stamp of US News & World Report.  We understand that choosing a residency program is intimidating and that you are looking for any help or guidance you can find.

However, please understand that Emergency Medicine has serious concerns about how Doximity’s rankings were created. This past Sunday, many EM faculty received an email from the website Doximity.com asking us to rank EM residencies by which we thought “offered the best clinical training.” We understand the goal of wanting to create a “list of the best” but unfortunately there are many problems with this survey.

  • There are no objective criteria that define what is meant by “the best.”
  • Faculty aren’t qualified to judge what is the best nationally. Most of us have knowledge of at most a few programs.
  • Many academic faculty opted out of participating in this survey. In fact, 9 of our national organizations signed a joint letter voicing our concerns about the methodology and the potential implications of this survey.

If you choose to view the results of the survey, we ask that you interpret the results with skepticism and caution. Each residency program has its unique strengths. You should find one that matches your needs and goals. Websites like EMRA Match can help with this, talk with your advisor or check out some of these resources.

EM Stud Podcast – Applying to EM


At the CORD Academic Assembly earlier this year, we caught up with Dr. Adam Kellogg, recent chair of the CORD EM Student Advising Task Force (SATF) and author on the amazing EM Advisor blog. He was kind enough to share his insights on what makes a competitive applicant, how to choose programs, and other topics related to applying to EM.

The SATF resources mentioned in this episode can be found in one of our earlier blog posts here.

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Open Spots for Away Rotations

The struggle to find open spots for away rotations in Emergency Medicine is becoming increasingly difficult year after year. To help facillitate matching students with open spots, we’ve created this list. Program and clerkship directors & coordinators, check the CORD and CDEM list serve for a link for access to update this list. Students, please be patient as we work to populate this list.

Remember that you’ll still have to apply for the open spots listed below. They are not guaranteed.  They may also fill quickly. 

Thanks, CDEM.

i-Human Cases for Emergency Medicine

4x3 ratio IHP logoi-Human Patients has made available several cases of their comprehensive patient simulator for users of CDEMcurriculum.com. Many CDEM members authored cases.

i-Human Patients simulates a comprehensive patient encounter to help develop competencies in patient assessment and diagnostic reasoning. Development of these skills requires practice with hundreds of patient encounters. There are a few steps to get started.

  1. Registration: First time users need to go to http://I-human.com/register/cdem and follow the steps there to create an account. You will be placed in the CDEM group. There’s a short data-gathering survey in the registration process.
  2. Log-in: Once registered, you can go to http://ih2.I-human.com to log in. If you’ve recently logged in, you’ll have a cookie that allows you to skip the actual log-in and just land on the training video page.
  3. Watch the “how-to” getting started videos on the “Home” page
  4. Go to the “Assignments” tab and play the “Marvin F. Webster, Jr VE” case as practice.
  5. After completing Marvin you will see an assignment for a new case in summative (testing) mode. After completing the case in testing mode, you will be able to play the case again in formative (learning) mode and receive expert feedback at every step along the way.

They will post new cases every few weeks.


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