EM Stud Podcast – AAMC Standardized Video Interview… Interview (Part 2)


Attention all EM applicants for the 2018 Match!

Beginning this year, all students applying to Emergency Medicine will need to complete an online video interview as part of the ERAS application. This was actually piloted last year, and it is now being rolled out to a broader group of applicants.

For more information about the SVI, we invited back Dr. Atul Grover, Executive VP of the AAMC.

Lots more information available on the AAMC Standardized Video Interview website, including a must-read, The AAMC Standardized Video Interview: Essentials for the ERAS® 2018 Season.

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EM Stud Podcast – Am I Competitive?


Some EM Studs have written in and asked, am I competitive? In this episode, we respond along with some help from Dr. Kevin King, CD at UT Health San Antonio and member of the CDEM/CORD Student Advising Task Force.

For more information from the CORD SATF on how to apply to EM, check out our previous post here.

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Open Spots for Away Rotations

The struggle to find open spots for away rotations in Emergency Medicine is becoming increasingly difficult year after year. To help facillitate matching students with open spots, we’ve created this list. Program and clerkship directors & coordinators, check the CORD and CDEM list serve for a link for access to update this list. Students, please be patient as we work to populate this list.

Remember that you’ll still have to apply for the open spots listed below. They are not guaranteed.  They may also fill quickly.

This year, Dr. Emily Fisher is running the database. Clerkship Directors, you should have received an email with a link to access the spreadsheet to make changes.

Thanks, CDEM.

EM Stud Podcast – The 10,000 Foot View of M4 Year


A new M4 year is just around the corner! To help you get ready, we wanted to give you a broad overview of the coming school year, starting with things to be working on now for your residency application. More details on specific topics to come, but for now, enjoy the 10,000 foot view…

Also check out these great resources from the CORD Student Advising Task Force.

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EM Stud Podcast – M3 Curriculum


Dr. Matt Tews from the Medical College of Georgia (formerly with the Medical College of Wisconsin) talks about the development and importance of an M3 curriculum in emergency medicine.

Developing a Third-year Emergency Medicine Medical Student Curriculum: A Syllabus of Content

Implementing a third-year emergency medicine medical student curriculum


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EM Stud Podcast – EM Critical Care


What I Want To Be When I Grow Up

Being an emergency physician isn’t always just about working shifts in the ED. For some, it’s about exploring new niches and specializing in areas outside of the conventional clinical realm.

Next in our What I Want To Be When I Grow Up series is Dr. Haney Mallemat on EM/Critical Care.


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