CDEM Voice – FOAMonthly


Who doesn’t want to be a better writer or publish more frequently? Helen Sword is the author of a new book entitled Air &Light &Time & Space: How Successful Academics Write.  In this interview, she discusses  the process of writing and her insights from writing the book. She provides useful resources to help improve not only your writing but your writing process. You can use the Writer’s Diet website ( to determine if your writing is “flabby or fit.” You can learn why you may not need to write every day. Additionally, the Edge for Scholars blog provides “candid commentary” and “gritty truths” about life in academics and offers a broad range of perspectives from multiple disciplines. The blog has topics ranging from productivity to wellness to negotiation to gender and diversity. It is a great community where you can just read or jump in and share your thoughts and ideas!

Kendra Parekh, MD


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