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Curating FOAMed Video Resources for your Students

Featured Sites: Vimeo and YouTube


As seen in the ED…

Attending: The patient in room 12 needs a paracentesis, do you know how to do one?

Student: No, but I watched a video online one time!

The old adage of “see one, do one, teach one,” has now become “watch a video, do one, tell someone else about the video.” Modern medical students are sophisticated navigators of online repositories and increasingly rely on supplemental online resources (i.e. not regulated by you) to complement their learning. Videos can be especially helpful in procedural teaching, but how can we as educators ensure our students are getting exposed to high quality teaching and high fidelity simulations? Thankfully, there’s no need to create fresh quality digital media on your own – there are already numerous open access repositories available. But in that sea of information, how can you curate the collection to best target your learners?

Using online platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube, you can select videos that others have made, add it to a personal collection, and share the collection with your students.  A quick search of “emergency medicine” on either site will show videos from trusted sources such as EMRA, HQMedEd, and specific residency/fellowship programs (as well as some less trustworthy options). If you use Vimeo, it’s simple to create a new group or channel and quickly add videos to it.  To see what I created in less than 5 minutes, follow this link.  A “group” facilitates comments and discussion, while a “channel” is just a playlist of your selected videos.

Ideal for asynchronous learning, a curated collection of videos can also be used to replace a power point presentation filled with embedded videos, or to introduce a procedure before bedside or simulation teaching.  Each group or channel can be public or private (accessible via email invitation on YouTube or shared link on Vimeo), depending on your targeted audience.  Happy curating!


Emily Brumfield, MD

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Medical Education

Vanderbilt Department of Emergency Medicine

One thought on “CDEM Voice – FOAMonthly

  1. Great post Emily! You’ve sparked my interest. What about doing something similar to ALIEM AIR series but for medical student procedure videos? Taking as many of the procedure videos that are in the universe and submitting them to a panel of content experts to review and “approve?” After filtering out the lower quality or inaccurate videos, we then put the cream of the crop into an “approved” channel for students to watch and learn?

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