EM Stud Podcast – Now brought to you by CDEM!


The EM Stud Podcast, a humble little podcast created by Dr. Nate Lewis and colleagues at VCU in Richmond, Virginia, is now a part of CDEM.  For fans of the podcast, that means more content, more experts, and more overall awesomeness!  For folks that haven’t heard of us yet, come check us out for all sorts of tips and advice on how to become a great emergency physician.  And don’t forget to subscribe/like/follow/tweet/etc. to help spread the #FOAMed!

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What is an EM Stud?img_1529-21soesz-1125x1500

  1. A medical student with the drive and determination to learn as much as possible about Emergency Medicine.
  2. A medical student whose knowledge, compassion, and work ethic is above and beyond the rest.
  3. A medical student who will one day become a great emergency physician.
  4. A podcast for EM Studs-now brought to you by the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine!


Same name, new look and new cohost!


In Emergency Medicine, collaboration and coordination is vital.  The same goes for podcasts!  So as part of the move to CDEM, EM Stud now has a new cohost, Dr. Scott Wieters.  To meet him and hear his thoughts about joining the podcast, check out our previous episode:




How To Run Third Year Like A Boss

Also new this month is Part 1 of our remixed CDEMstudent podcast episode, How To Run Third Year Like A Boss, featuring some of the best and brightest third-year medical students we could find.  Part 2 coming soon!


Previously on EM Stud…

All of our previous episodes, including topics such as how to be competitive, how to make a rank list, and other random musings by yours truly, are available via the RSS feed, iTunes, and our old website.



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